Aly Daly Talks Websites, Design Programs and Social Media

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back lit walls with dimensions-skt-up

What programs and apps do you feel you can’t live without in your field? What about them is useful to you, and why would you recommend them?

I personally love Google Sketch-up. It helps me create a 3d renderings to more clearly convey design concepts in a matter of minutes. It’s very easy to use and saves me so much time.

I also love the Houzz app for my iPhone. When I’m on the go sourcing items or meeting with contractors, fabricators etc., it provides an easy tool to demonstrate different examples of uses of materials, colors, furniture etc. Houzz has created an amazing compilation of photographs of designers work from around the world, and through Houzz I have discovered unique vendors for lighting and furniture as well as inspiration shots of treatments and installations. I feel Houzz has helped to make great design inspiration accessible to the public which in turn only makes my job as a designer easier and more fun.

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How do you feel like social media has changed your industry and career? How do you use social media to your advantage?

Social media has really increased exposure for me and of my work to a broader audience that might be otherwise challenging to reach. I’m fortunate in that much of my work has been written about on blogs, magazine websites, Facebook etc. This exposure has helped connect me with great manufacturers, merchants and artists worldwide. Social media has allowed me the opportunity to hold the reigns a bit in creating press, buzz or activity around my own work. Through different social media venues, the design world has become much smaller. It’s difficult to imagine life without it now.

To learn more about Aly Daly, visit her Haute Design Network profile and personal website.

Photos courtesy of Houzz and Google Sketch-up

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