Perrie Mundy Talks About Unexpected Benefits of Purchasing Property With Fruit

Perrie Mundy

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Not only is citrus fruit attractive on a landscaping perspective, but it saves money and adds convenience to picking up a healthy habit that has long-term health benefits. I'm talking about eating oranges on a daily basis, and nothing beats picking them fresh off the tree. According to, "fresh-squeezed commercial orange juice does undergo pasteurization to eliminate any potential toxins, which can compromise some of the nutritional value. The most effective way of procuring the full benefits of orange juice is to squeeze the fruits yourself." So let's talk about these benefits!

1. Oranges detoxify the body while providing antioxidants that help oxygen travel through the body. They also have anti-aging properties.

2. They are a great source of limonoids, which are believed to protect against some types of cancer.

3. One orange provides provides 67 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

4. Oranges contain pectin, which lowers cholesterol while also acting as an appetite suppressant.

5. They contain vitamin B foliate, a vitamin that protects the heart and reduces birth defects.

The abundance of citrus trees in Redlands, California, is one of the reasons that Redlands is such a desirable place to live.

Check out this incredible property with an unbelievable orange grove!


(Source:; PLEASE NOTE: All information presented is informational and not specific medical advice.)

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