Snøhetta’s Stunning New Opera House Incorporates Nature in Design

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A new opera house is coming to the South Korean city of Busan and design house Snøhetta has recently won the  international ideas competition. The site of the Busn Opera House will be inside the re-development district of the city's northern seaport.

In a press release, Snøhetta described the new building as not only a home for opera, but as a place to celebrate a common cultural context. The open design of the building was designed around the concept of Kun (heaven) meeting Kon (earth) and Kam (water), a philosophical relationship of great importance to Korean culture. Materials throughout the building bend subtly and touch, coming together as the three elements would. An arching curved bridges the building, embracing the sky and grounding the whole design. Two of the building's four corners are lifted, forming one entrance from the city (earth) and one from the sea (water). According to the press release, these entrances are linked in a continuous public space, flowing around the Opera house and out into the public plaza.

For all those of us who love design and unique buildings, this is a true gem. Check out our photo gallery below for more views of Snøhetta's new opera house.

Source and photos courtesy Dezeen.

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