Form, Function, and Focus: What’s on Expert Realtor Kathy Doyle’s Desk?

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 Kathy Doyle Estates is a premiere brokerage firm, located in Malibu, California. Kathy Doyle is the founder and visionary for the company’s seamless marketing and transaction process. With over a decade of real estate experience, Kathy has unique access to local markets and clients that stretch across the globe. Kathy began in the luxury market, and continues to be a leader in Southern California luxury real estate. With a background in finance, she also has a proven track record in commercial real estate. She is dedicated to each listing, and every client: her expertise is utilized in every aspect of the real estate process: from marketing to escrow. A leader in sales at Coldwell Banker in the past, she started her own firm so that she could direct the marketing of the beautiful estates she represents: with harmonious and artistic design that stand out from the other listings on the market.

The key to my desk is clean space. I like to keep its surfaces clear of clutter, and run most of my business electronically. I keep things of inspiring beauty in my office, so that I stay focused and on task at all times. In real estate you are always on top of several things at once, so it is important for me to keep a peaceful work environment.

I run my business utilizing my Mac computer and iPhone. Everything is synchronized, so that I have full access to my business while on the go. While at a showing I stay up to date with my staff, and have full access to my emails, calendar, and contacts at all times.

The homes I sell are works of art. They are the convergence of beautiful surroundings with stellar design. My hope is that I can find the space for each client that will allow them to be inspired each day, and to find the perfect match’s for the homes that I list. For me to stay in-touch with my company’s mission, I need beauty around me, to keep me inspired every day. That’s why I love this photograph of the young boy bowing to the elephant, and I also keep a round quartz sphere on my desk that was a gift from a client. It keeps me focused, happy, and busy working for my clients, because I know how much the work that I do matters in their lives.

In order to run a paperless office, I keep my scanner operating at all times. This allows me to keep all the important documents electronically and allows me access to them from anywhere on the globe. The technology available today allows me to have access while keeping all documents confidential and protected. This is crucial for me in all my real estate dealings, and it’s how we keep Kathy Doyle Estates running smoothly.

I like to look at homes from my area, and I have a great collection of coffee table books including Beachfront Malibu Homes and The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills. I also love, Beach Houses from Malibu to Laguna, and The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 years.

There is nothing that inspires me quite like the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The view from my office brings tranquility at all times. It’s much easier to put in a long work day when I have such a beautiful view to keep me going.

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