Myra Nourmand Talks Beverly Hills Real Estate

Myra Nourmand

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In Beverly Hills, most residents are drawn to the diverse mix of world-class real estate. Our houses weren't all constructed at the same time with the same architect and builder. Thus unlike outlying planned communities, you won't find massive tract housing in Beverly Hills. Rather, you'll encounter homes that please every type of architectural taste such as ones built in the 20s and 30s that reflect Spanish, English, and traditional architecture as well as contemporary estates built this year. No one particular style defines Beverly Hills residential real estate, which makes our community one that appeals to a wide range of residents.

Beverly Hills comprises a tiny patch of Los Angeles County. But within our city's small footprint, you'll find a wide range of prices. Homes start at $2.5 million south of Wilshire Boulevard. North of Santa Monica Boulevard, homes range from $4.5 to $7.5 million. And north of Sunset Boulevard—the sky's the limit. There, homes and lots are bigger when compared to other parts of Beverly Hills. Homes north of Sunset Boulevard start in the multi-millions and climb to the tens of millions depending on the size, location, and architecture of the estate.

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