Mike Brodie Talks About Amenities Homeowners Look for in a Second Home

Mike Brodie

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Many of my luxury clients have second homes which they use as a place to get away with family and enjoy life away from the business of their daily lives. A second home has such a different set of requirements from a primary residence.

Location is still of the utmost importance, but with a different idea of what you want to be close to. For a primary home, it’s often schools and work and shopping. For a second home the criteria is being close to beauty and recreational activities. Many people use a second home to spend quality time with their family or just for some solitude.

Luxury amenities are less important in a second home because less time is spent there. Buyers will likely spend more money on recreational items, like boats, and less on elegant bathrooms. They also will look for a property that requires low maintenance, and they will hire a management service for cleaning and upkeep. The last thing you want with a second home is to have to work when you go there. The point is to have fun and create memories.

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