Luxury Oceanfront Living Never Goes Out Of Style

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Designed for those who value the extraordinary, 1221 Ocean Avenue in iconic Santa Monica, offers luxury homebuyers an unparalleled oceanfront living experience. The property boasts sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean stretching from Palos Verdes to Malibu. Haute Living caught up with David Solomon, one of the country’s most successful real estate professionals with sales topping over $130 million, who dishes on why oceanfront property never goes out of style, the City of Angel’s current market trends as the year approaches into the 3rd and 4th quarter and what makes 1221 Ocean so special.

Photo courtesy of 1221 Ocean Avenue

What attracts buyers to oceanfront property?

Besides the lifestyle that it provides, it has always been very exclusive to own or rent oceanfront homes.

Why do you think oceanfront living never goes out of style?

Who doesn’t enjoy going to sleep and listening to the waves crashing as well as waking up to it and putting your bare feet in the nice warm sand? The fact that you can live right on [the beach] without needing to get into a car to go enjoy it means it will never go out of style.

Photo courtesy of 1221 Ocean Avenue

Why do you think some buyers are attracted to vertical while others are looking for horizontal living?

Often times when people have multiple residences, they want things to be as easy as possible and not have to fuss with all the upkeep with a house. In a highrise, you just pay your monthly dues or your rent and really have nothing to worry about. It also allows you to have superior views as you can be significantly elevated higher than a two-story house on the beach.

Interior view of lounge at 1221 Ocean Avenue Apartment Homes in Santa Monica, CA. Photo courtesy of 1221 Ocean Avenue. 

What are the current trends in your market and how are you preparing for the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year?

The oceanfront market in Santa Monica is still hot. We had two of the biggest sales that we have ever seen this year and I just set a record as well for the sale of a condo that I owned at 101 Ocean. The biggest issue right now is a lack of good inventory and this is pretty common in a place like Santa Monica. I can’t tell you how many calls/emails I get a day from agents asking me if I know of anything good coming to the market and for massive price points.

What is special about 1221 Ocean Avenue?

Real estate is all about location and in my opinion 1221 is in one of the best locations in the United States. The building sits right on the edge of downtown Santa Monica and the Pacific ocean . You are surrounded by world-class dining, awesome bar & lounges like Elephante & The Bungalow, great shopping, movie theaters, bike paths, the beach, tons of yoga & fitness studios, and two times per week one of the best farmers markets in the country. Beyond the location, you have a building that would be like the equivalent of living at The Four Seasons packed with the best amenities of any building in the area and units which all feature insane views. To top it all off you have by far the best rooftop pool and lounge in the city and a building that feels very private and exclusive.

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