Swedish Designer Jenny Nordberg Handmakes Furniture in Less than Five Minutes

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Jenny Nordberg, a Swedish industrial designer, launched a line of handmade furniture that takes less than five minutes to make. This feat follows Nordberg's collection of tableware and accessories, which also consisted of pieces she made in three to five minutes.


"The discussion about whether speed and handmade goes together or not is delicate," Nordberg tells Dezeen. "Many crafters really dislike speed, but for me it can be interesting. Speed is not the opposite of skill."


Nordberg succeeded in producing two armchairs with cushions, a small trolley, and a dining table with four chairs in the desired timeframe. She used hand tools to construct the pieces from pre-cut Valchromat engineered wood, locally sourced pre-cut pine, study clay that does not need firing, linseed oil, and lacquer.


"The design, materials, and details are all the result of the lack of time," says Nordberg. "For example–the coating does not cover the whole surface, details are few and imperfect, assembly screws are visible, and the design is restrained. This kind of aesthetic would never have occurred if I had had oceans of time."


Photos and video courtesy of Dezeen

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