Jacopo Iasiello Presents An Unparalleled Investment Prospect

Jacopo Iasiello

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Jacopo Iasiello presents

Explore an unparalleled investment prospect in the vibrant enclave of "Buena Vista," strategically nestled in close proximity to the thriving neighborhoods of Wynwood, Design District, and Biscayne. Seamlessly situated within a mere 5-minute drive from the highly accessible I-95, this distinctive opportunity promises to catalyze your real estate ambitions while reaping the benefits of a burgeoning locale.

Elevate your portfolio with this distinctive opportunity to capitalize on an existing, high-cap rate structure. Presenting a meticulously designed assemblage of 8 units across two folios, this investment exemplifies a unique blend of stability and potential. Currently occupied by tenants, these units collectively generate an impressive annual income of $129,300.00, underscoring the inherent value of this property package.

Nestled within the heart of "Buena Vista," these properties are strategically positioned to grant unparalleled accessibility to some of Miami's most coveted neighborhoods. The immediate proximity to Wynwood, Design District, and Biscayne ensures a constant influx of demand and underscores the potential for future growth and appreciation.

This offering extends beyond the present into a realm of possibilities. The visionary investor is presented with the opportunity to amplify their returns manifold by exploiting the latent potential to construct up to 24 units. This prospective expansion could further augment your investment, generating a remarkable potential for appreciation and revenue.

A pivotal element of this proposition is the preservation of the tranquility of existing tenants. It is advised to approach this opportunity with discretion and respect by refraining from disturbing the occupants of the units, thereby fostering an environment conducive to harmonious transactions.

In summary, this investment opportunity encapsulates the essence of real estate success — a convergence of location, existing income stream, and unlimited potential. With two folios containing a combined total of 8 units, this offering stands as a testament to the synergy between established stability and forward-looking innovation. Position yourself at the forefront of the Buena Vista renaissance and the dynamic growth sweeping across the nearby neighborhoods. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to shape your financial future and explore the extraordinary possibilities that lie within this property's embrace.

Address: 134 Ne 56 st, Miami, FL 33137 and 142 NE 56 st, Miami, FL 33137

Price: $2,650,000

For more information, please contact Jacopo Iasiello at 305-521-8771 or info@jacopoiasiello.com

Jacopo Iasiello is one of the exclusive real estate agents representing the Brickell, Miami, FL real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of his listings here.










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