Interior Designer Piero Lissoni Talks Monaco Yacht Club & Residences And Bringing The French Riviera To South Florida

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World-famous master Italian architect, Piero Lissoni, whose designs are bringing sophisticated European design to Monaco Yacht Club & Residences in Miami Beach, sat down with Haute Residence for a Q&A on the inspiration for the interiors of the project and the materials he selected to bring a taste of the Côte d’Azur to South Florida.

Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni

Photo Credit: Studio Lissoni Associati

Located at 6800 Indian Creek Drive, Monaco Yacht Club & Residences is an exclusive enclave of thirty-nine luxurious waterfront residences and a private marina in collaboration with two of the most esteemed names in design, Piero Lissoni and Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. It is slated for completion in Fall 2021.

HR: What was the design inspiration for Monaco Yacht Club & Residences’ interiors?

PL: In part, we were inspired by Mediterranean environments, particularly the Italian Riviera and the Côte d’Azur, and in part by the nautical world, especially by the Riva Aquarama boat. From the realization of the lobby floor as if it were the deck of a boat, to the choice of the chandelier that recalls a lobster net, to the nautical styling, everything is reminiscent of a yacht club.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

HR: What colors and materials did you incorporate into the design in order to capture the South of France and the Mediterranean lifestyle?

PL: We were inspired by the nautical world of the 1950s. We used chrome, natural fabrics, soft and neutral colors with some dashes of stronger color. The Riva Aquarama is also renowned for this contrast between the wood and the light blue cushions. The reception desk is instead a deep-sea blue.

The apartments have two different typologies in terms of the “shades” employed. One version features soft and muted colors that are evocative of morning sea mists, with light, desaturated wood and some darker colors to provide contrast, while the second version features darker colors inspired by the night sea, the contrast here given by areas of white.

HR: Walk us through the design features that you are incorporating throughout MYC’s residences, including in the kitchen and bathrooms. What was the vision for the design, and what can residents expect to feel and see upon walking into their homes?

PL: We wanted to reproduce the feeling of being on a boat, both when entering on the ground floor, with the jetty that connects directly to the yachts, and also inside the apartments, with their magnificent views of the sea. The extensive use of large windows seeks to accentuate the relationship between the inside and the outside, as if you’re always living in the open air. In addition, the terraces are equipped with cooking facilities, further expanding the possibilities of life outdoors.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

HR: How did you go about choosing each design and what makes them different from other residences you have designed for?

PL: Undoubtedly the floor in the reception, conceived as if it were the deck of luxury yacht, is fairly unique, as is the large chandelier reminiscent of a lobster net, which was the work of an artist we engaged. In the apartments themselves, there is this continuous dialogue between the inside and the outside, which is very special: as soon as you open the window, you have the whole expanse of the sea in front of you.

HR: Elaborate on your design of MYC’s lobby and “Resident’s Lounge” that features a library and breakfast bar for waterfront dining. How does the design reflect the building’s fun lifestyle and laid-back environment?

PL: Our aim was to realize a community, a true yacht club, so the communal spaces have been conceived with this in mind and to allow the whole structure and all the facilities to be used and lived, also by invited guests. The inhabitants and their guests can, for example, pause to read the newspaper or have a coffee in the communal areas. Also, here we wanted to bring a European way of living.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

HR: Please briefly describe what role the Bayfront location played in the design of the project. How will the building’s design reflect Miami and its natural surroundings?

PL: The Bayfront relates directly with the structure. Features such as the floor or the model boats on the bookshelves, as if it were indeed a yacht club, are certainly elements that are special with respect to other residences.

HR: What type of lifestyle do you envision for residents at MYC?  What type of buyer do you envision will be interested in living at the property?

PL: Without a doubt, Monaco Yacht Club & Residences will attract buyers who love traveling and who are attracted by a European atmosphere, especially that of the Mediterranean, who like the leisurely feeling of a place where you have the sensation of being on holiday all year round.

HR: Tell us about your collaboration with Arquitectonica. How did you work with Arquitectonica to blend your ways of thinking, expertise and experiences together?

PL: There’s a very close relationship between the inside and the outside: in some ways the interior completes the architecture, and vice-versa.

HR: What is special or different about working on a project like MYC?

PL: The really special thing was to have been able to bring to America a particular area of Europe and its atmosphere.

For more information about Monaco Yacht Club & Residences, call 305.508.9832 or visit

Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Monaco Yacht Club & Residences

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