Humza Arif Of kliniko Allows For Dentistry and Design To Join Forces

Humza Arif

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Humza Arif

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

Dr. Humza Arif is one of South Florida’s native cosmetic and restorative dentists. A devotee of art and architecture seen through the lens of dentistry, Dr. Arif provides full mouth rehabilitation encompassed in an unsurpassed clinical experience. Through his elevation in the dental space, so too has the profile of clientele that travel to sunny South Florida. “The people are as eclectic as the city’s architecture and art. We create an experience made tangible in every smile and every experience my patients go on to create on their own thereafter. It’s an ongoing gift that maintains humility in service to my patients.”


Haute Design: When did you first recognize your own passion for design?

Humza Arif: For as long as I can remember, I have always had this natural attraction towards design. An expression through architecture, materials, and structure set the foundation for a career in dental medicine. It is a tapestry of both design and the human connection in its purest of forms.

HD: How would you describe your office's design aesthetic?

HA: Inspiration for our office space came with the intention of returning to a pure and elegant artisan experience. Our aesthetic was a wonderful collaboration with Yodezeen Architecture. The particularity in choice of material and color coalesced seamlessly just as the evolution of our oral architecture has: raw, simple, and perfect. This experience sets the foundation for an elevation of natural aesthetics through the work we do at kliniko. It is truly something to behold.

HD: What does the elegance and style of the kliniko office add to the clients' experience?

Nature has given us the best gifts - to feel, to smell, to touch, to see... each one of our senses was considered at kliniko Miami dental office. This fusion creates a new medium to experience the art of dentistry. The patient-practitioner relationship returns to its purest form and through it, appreciation for a beloved craft.

HL: What is your vision for the future of kliniko?

The vision for the future of kliniko is to remain committed to our mission and values as a highly reliable organization in healthcare - which is to serve our community for its oral healthcare needs. We want to do this while contributing to the beauty of our South Florida community by way of beauty of form and function with each of our patients.


If you wish to learn more about kliniko Miami dental Office, CLICK HERE.

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