Country Style Meets Sophistication : Newlyweds Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Build Classic Oklahoma Mansion

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Gwen Stefani and Blake SheltonPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

It is no secret that Hollywood loves celebrity couples, and though country boy Blake Shelton and spunky “Rich Girl” singer Gwen Stefani seem to be an unlikely match, they’ve nestled their way into our hearts, and now, seem to be nestling comfortably in their new Oklahoma mansion. Arguably one of Hollywood’s favorite couples and co-stars/judges of NBC’s The Voice seamlessly blend both of their well-known aesthetics to create their newly built dream home in the state where Shelton grew up.

As aforementioned, the newly-wed bride and groom married together both of their dominant personas to build an opulent country-home paradise, and picture-perfect wedding venue, near Tishomingo, Oklahoma. This mix of personal style and flair is most notably demonstrated through the couple’s choice of location and the prominent, lavish characteristics of the Oklahoma estate.

Immediately upon entrance to the property, two rows of trees guide visitors along the driveway and toward the entrance of the luxurious home, which sits on a picturesque lake and elevated hill. The massive mansion, divided into three main sections and adorned by a partially attached stone house, displays a neutral and primarily cool-toned palette as seen through the white wall exterior and grey roofing. Large Roman-style columns, ample windows and chimneys, a vast front porch space, terraced garden, three covered patio areas and pool, and both a balcony and upper-floor deck give the home a classic and put-together air leaving room for fun and ornate features. Additionally, the interior and surrounding area add personalized and highly thoughtful details.

Arguably the most meaningful of the personalized touches served as the site of Shelton and Stefani’s wedding this past weekend. The two tied the knot on the site of their estate at the chapel that Shelton built for his wife, and where, a year ago, the country music mogul got down on one knee to propose. The chapel, as well as the mansion, sit on a 1,400-acre estate called the Ten Point Ranch. Shelton placed part of the land on sale in 2019, and it remains unclear how much of the estate he still owns, but it is confirmed that Blake Shelton owns an operating bar, restaurant, and store nearby.

Hollywood’s favorite couple is certainly enjoying the grand and indulgent estate’s seclusion and privacy as they begin the rest of their lives together. The expansive Oklahoma mansion ideally represents and hopefully will continue to foster their love.

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