Holiday House Gala 2013 Fights Breast Cancer with Interior Design

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Last night’s Holiday House Gala kicked off a month-long showcase of designer rooms in NYC’s historic Academy Mansion, featuring several of the world’s top interior designers and architects. Designers were charged with the task of creating a room that spoke to their particular aesthetic with themes ranging from “Sweet Sixteen" to “30th Anniversary Celebration,” and ticket proceeds directly benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Cullman & Kravis, Inc’s room boasted a celebratory theme with balloons, bright fabrics and bold, bedazzled window treatments. Statement pieces included modern, gilded artwork and a dark mantle.


Designer Gregory Allan Cramer created a room that was more than just fuchsia…it was shockingly bright, positive and whimsical, and it even featured custom spray painted walls! Cramer tells Haute Residence, “My favorite aunt died of breast cancer, and Christopher Hyland was the first person I ever brought fabric was amazing to honor both of them with my design here today! The fuchsia Christopher Hyland fabric even inspired my wall graffiti.” When asked what inspired his room décor, Cramer comments, “We have a French mirror, Italian dresser, hand-gilded coffee table…it all just works!”

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James Rixner's room offered a calming space for lounging, dining and sleeping, partnering with Sleep Studio to create a sophisticated-yet-relaxed living space. Rixner utilized metallics in decor, throw pillows and window treatments, and he additionally altered the room's lighting fixtures to create a customized halo effect.


Weitzman Halpern Design's room embodied all things Sweet Sixteen, enlisting the help of wallpaper gurus Flavor Paper to create a custom digital Instagram wall print. Additionally, Weitzman Halpern utilized a purple rug from their own new collection and created an inspired space with pinks, blacks and purples.


Rachel Laxer's space unified reds, oranges, grays and whites. The designer told Haute Residence, "quality just goes together." The room features artwork and gallery contributions by Dina Goldstein, Mattia Bonetti, Peter Dayton and Ray Geary, Raul Higuera, Robert Kuo, Jacques Jarrige and Stephan Parmentier.

Many more designers showed off their spectacular spaces during the celebratory soiree, and you'll just have to see for yourself to check out the rest!

Photos courtesy of Haute Residence, Bryan McCay and Paul Domzal for Edge Media

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