Dorit Levinstein Unveils Latest Collection with Eden Fine Art and Haute Living

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Dorit Levinstein unveiled her newest collection at Eden Fine Art gallery on Thursday night with the help of Haute Living, celebrating with hundreds of guests on the red carpet. Eden’s intimate indoor-outdoor setting and warm ambiance drew visitors late into the evening. Levinstein’s unique bronze sculptures were received with fascination.

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“Viewing Levenstein’s work, we are invited to step into her universe of forms, figures and colors. Her spare, elegant sculptures seem to giggle with delight as if tickled, and then stretch out with an exquisite elasticity to form their position in space. The sculptures derive their volume from a continuous virtuosic line alluding to human figures, animals, flowers and ordinary domestic objects.”

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Entitled "iLove Icons – My Culture Heroes," Dorit's exhibition explores the image-obsessed psyche of our time, taking us into a deep dive within the hidden artistic force behind the myths and icons of our contemporary popular culture.

Special thanks to sponsors Sant’ Arturo Wine and Alacran Tequila

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