Grandmillenial Is The Newest Decor Style

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Meet the new trending style which is taking over our Instagram pages with a flavor of its own. Combining originality and the space millennials felt the safest at is the concept behind the Grandmillenial decor style.

This unexpected style comeback, which was initiated by writer Emma Bazilian in a trend piece, brings homey and nostalgic pieces featuring ruffles, frilly pillows, white and blue china, skirts on furniture, drapery, and a lot of needlepoint.

The combination of furniture created from dark stained wood and abstract art creates a vintage with a modern look. Patterns are foremost when it comes to Grandmillenial decor, highlighting classic prints such as chintz, toile, and plaid.

In a time when being different and original is so valued, Millennials, which range from the mid-20s to late 30s, have favoritism with design trends that are considered by most old and outdated. Grandmillenials are trend-averse, and very attracted to entertaining, a major aspect of the decor style. The popularity of the trend was furthered thanks to shared images on social media displaying fancy dinner parties and exuberant tablescapes.

With the Grandmillenial decor style, there is the risk of making the space too cluttered, excessive, and too granny-like. The purpose of the decor style is to have an antique feel that is layered and classic at the same time. The thoughtful use of colors, patterns, and items is critical. The key to success with Grandmillenial style is to keep the color palette uniform, so the environment feels consistent and cozy instead of tumultuous. This granny-chic style shows off millennials' individuality while bringing them a sense of nostalgia.


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