Take A Seat! Here Are Some Furniture Pieces Celebrities Love

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Many celebrities enjoy the creativity and artistic expression involved with filling their beautiful homes with hand-picked furniture.

For many stars, acquiring pieces by famous designers is desirable, but they also want furniture that is comfortable and functional–just like everyone else!

Celebrity Favorite Furniture: The Couch

Kanye West favorite couch

Celebrities are in love with this Jean Royére Polar Bear sofa. Jennifer Anniston has one in her Bel Air home. Kanye West has called it his "favorite piece of furniture."

The television star and home renovation wizard, Ellen DeGeneres, has also expressed her favoritism for the curved couch by Jean Royére.

The French designer Jean Royère, who started designing furniture for his mother in Paris at age 29, has had a hit with this rotund velvet sofa from the time he displayed it in Art et Industrie’s exhibition “La Résidence Française.” Everyone from French politicians to the Shah of Iran ordered one in the 50's and 60's.

Now, it appears to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity with American celebrities. It appears that great design never goes out of style.

Celebrity Favorite Furniture: The Chair

Chair and ottoman from FINCH in Hudson New York

Celebrities with homes in upstate New York often find time to pop into FINCH, a vintage furniture store in Hudson.

Liv Tyler appreciates the curated collection of mid-century modern furniture available at this charming shop.

Swivel chairs have been a popular choice in celebrity homes ever since legendary interior designer William Haines filled Hollywood homes with them for three decades.

This 1970's bent plywood "Mr. Chair" by George Mulhauser was manufactured in Massachusetts by Plycraft. The molded shell makes it extremely comfortable while being freshly upholstered in forest green.

Celebrity Favorite Furniture: The Console

Anamorphic Console Table by Asher Israel

Celebrities in New York rave about Dmitriy & Co, a working design studio and appointment-only showroom in Chelsea. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds own several of their pieces, including tables and a sofa.

This anamorphic console by Asher Israelow is a true stunner in their showroom. The designer got the idea for this piece from 15th Century anamorphic projection-a way artists used to pass secret messages within their paintings. In much the same way this handcrafted solid walnut console with brass inlay hides geometries.

Celebrity Favorite Furniture: The Coffee Table

Milo Teak Table Marc Anthony

This Milo Teak Coffee Table is owned by Marc Anthony and sits on a terrace in his Dominican compound.

The table is made from a harvested teak root in Indonesia, then handcrafted by Javanese artisans who fit it together like an intricate puzzle.

Owners like how it can be displayed on any side for different looks and to perfectly fit a variety of interior or exterior spaces.

Celebrity Favorite Furniture: The Dining Table

Jessica Chastain Heiress Dining Table Ralph Lauren

Jessica Chastain is among the celebrity owners of this Heiress Dining Table $15,285 by Ralph Lauren Home. The Georgian Revival round top adds a royal air to any formal dining room.

An observant eye will notice the detail of the lion's paw feet. Crafted from select hardwoods with a rich Mahogany finish.

Celebrities Who Design Their Own Furniture

Bed Designed by Brad Pitt

For some stars, hiring a designer or even hunting for furniture pieces themselves is still too hands off.

Brad Pitt worked for four years with Designer Frank Pollaro to craft the Pitt-Pollaro collection.

Displayed in a Chelsea gallery in 2012, the collection consists of limited-edition, signed and numbered beds, chairs, tables, and even a tub.

According to the collection's description, the pieces were all designed by Pitt, built by Pollaro, and made in the USA.

One of their first collaborations was a bed. Made of unique wood, nickel, and farm-raised stingray skins, the bed incorporates convenient moveable bedside tables.

Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley

Photo: Peggy Sirota/Elle Decor

Justin Timberlake teamed up with interior designer Estee Stanley in 2012 to produce a line of home goods that includes bar stools, tabletops, and rugs.

Timberlake described the process as staring at hardware for hours and used a simple reference point to focus his designs, “If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we’re not going to ask people to put it in theirs,” he says.

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