Easy And Affordable Holiday Decoration Hacks Courtesy of L Rose Interiors

Lakesha Rose

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L Rose Interiors is an allied ASID and IIDA member and a full-service interior design firm that manages projects throughout the country. The firm has a comprehensive understanding of custom furnishings, antiques, textiles, and fine art.

Lakesha Rose

Photo Credit: L Rose Interiors

Lakesha Rose, founder and Principal at L Rose Interiors, recently appeared on Daytime Chicago's TV program to share some helpful holiday hacks for seasonal decor. Haute Design decided to get some of her input from the television appearance and jot down some holiday decor inspiration while we were at it.


Haute Design: How did the opportunity to appear on Daytime Chicago come about? How often do you make TV appearances?

Lakesha Rose: I was asked to come on the show by the show's producer and co-host. They know of my work as an interior designer in Chicago. Pre-pandemic, I would often make appearances on television programs. I would cover topics such as interior design, cooking and home entertaining.


HD: What is your go-to advice for holiday decoration? 

LR: You do not always have to use the traditional red and green, if that does not agree with the decor of your home. I like to use winter whites, golds and silvers, along with white lights and holiday greenery. This creates a wonderful warm and festive feel and these colors will fit into any home color palette.


HD: What are three easy ways to refresh the concept of holiday decor?

LR: Even though I am a designer, I do not have a lot of time to decorate my own home. So, my easy go-to is using inexpensive items that make a large statement. I buy lots of holiday greenery and put it in a medium or large vase and place it on my kitchen island and console table. Because it is all one color, using a lot of it will make a large holiday statement. I also get holiday red berries in bulk and separate them into three small low vases and add them to the dining room table. The red berries are also beautiful around the home, in my guest rooms and in bathrooms. 


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HD: Do you have a not-so-secret design hack for holiday decorating? 

LR: Yes! Get holiday pots. If you are not good at it, hire someone who is, like my wonderful flower guys, who plant my front outdoor pots each season. My holiday pots are some of the prettiest on the block because I was smart enough to hire a professional.


HD: Could any of these design concepts apply to New Year's Eve? 

LR: Of course! Especially the warm winter whites, silver, gold and holiday greenery palette.

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