Designing The Post-Pandemic World: Swiss Company, Vitra, Unveils New Workspace Designs

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Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

The pandemic stricken world is much different than the world we knew before, and as we emerge on the other side we’ve all got some collective readjusting to do. The Covid19 pandemic influenced just about every aspect of our lives and will continue to exert its inescapable influence in the materializing post-pandemic climate. When the coronavirus drew us into our homes and away from our office spaces for just about a year, we were able to reflect on our needs and desires for an effective and welcoming office space; now, more than ever, we understand the importance of community and togetherness. Our needs for reintegration and adjustment, and for both public and private work areas, are validated through the cutting-edge “Club-Office” designs of the Swiss brand Vitra.

Vitra has revolutionized the office space by making the now-familiar experience of private, focused work available in the office whilst still introducing ample areas that encourage collaboration and employee connection. In a moment where we are all easing our way back into “in-person” life, Vitra has cultivated designs that make this transitional period into normalcy as seamless and harmonious as possible. 

Vitra’s designs, by Edward Barber, Jay Osgerby, and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, are all about flexibility. They separate the office into three distinct areas and include ductile couch setups conducive for semi-private work, free-standing seating arrangements that exist to promote face-to-face conversation, and more closed-off individual work areas.

Vitra’s design has mastered the blend of privacy and maintenance of safety guidelines, with the excitement, collaboration, and engagement that should exist in a workplace. By replacing dreary office cubicles and sterile long-desk layouts with these welcoming and intentional workspace options, Vitra has helped us settle back into office life in a safe and exciting way.

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