Curator Dr. Humza Arif Takes on the Bold Step in Merging Health & Design

Humza Arif

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Photo Credit: kliniko

Dr. Humza Arif is one of South Florida’s native cosmetic and restorative dentists. Graduating from Nova Southeastern University, this aficionado of experience elevated his education and trade by focusing on rehabilitative dentistry. It is in this way minimal invasive dentistry is able to restore natural aesthetics, both mechanical and cosmetic, to their true form. For this reason, the vision of his space Kliniko merged flawlessly with Yodezeen Architects. This partnership culminated the senses into an impressionable patient experience and is the “fusion of what we experience as felt through our eyes, the function of oral health and the confidence encompassed in the totality of form. It is why I am ecstatic to bring it to the people of Miami," shares Dr. Arif.

Here, we get a glimpse of what Dr. Arif calls, "the symphony between health and design."


Left brain and right brain collide into a curated symphony of health and design. Dr. Humza Arif started his journey through the portal of architecture and has developed a keen eye, an almost sixth sense, for what experience should be. The days of cold, sterile, emotionless dental offices are long behind Dr. Humza Arif’s latest curation project – kliniko.

Dr. Humza Arif

Photo Credit: kliniko

With an office based in Miami, kliniko will offer locals and travelers alike an experience of artisan enchantment within the dental arts. “Oral health is such an integral part of how we experience life. Many moments shared are brought around food – it is the world’s international language. How we experience those moments through form and function of oral health are vital. My curation at kliniko will help deliver life, love, laughter in every smile.”

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