Cozy Salazar Shares Her Thoughts Behind A Work-Life Balance

Cozy Salazar Interiors

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Michele (Cozy) Salazar was born in Miami, Florida, daughter of Suzanne “Sissy” De Maria and Joseph De Maria. Her childhood nickname “Cozy” stuck, evoking the warmth and charm she exudes. "Cozy" eventually evolved into her burgeoning brand name.

Photo Credit: Cozy Salazar Interiors

Cozy recently shared her thoughts behind separating work life and personal life in a conversation with Haute Design.


Haute Design: As you know, the design and architecture industry's "hours of operation" are anything but standard. How do you find the balance between career and personal life?

Cozy Salazar: I still struggle with this on a daily basis. I really love what I do and sometimes I have a hard time separating my 'work life' with my personal life.  I tend to bring work home with me regularly, but as long as I leave the more stressful aspects of this job at the office, everyone is happy (or at least they pretend to be).


HD: Your children are often featured in your Instagram stories at work. Do they enjoy going to work with mom? Are they old enough to understand your line of work?

CS: I had my first daughter when my career started to pick up and that was tough. At the time, I did not have a full-time nanny, so Gianna went with me everywhere. I think it's because of this that she is so interested in everything I do. I bring her into the office for a couple of hours every week because she loves to be here. There are times where I'll be at a presentation and we find pieces of wallpaper and fabric samples that have little drawings on the back, which always makes me smile. Chiara, my youngest is only two, but I can already tell she has a good eye based off the shoes she picks out of my closet!


Photo Credit: Cozy Salazar Interiors


HD: Did you have a similar experience growing up? Would you ever go to work with your parents?

CS: Yes, my mom was always a working mom. I did not get to spend every minute with her, but the time we spent together was always special. She would take me into her office when I got out of school and I would always find ways to entertain myself there. She would always take me out for dinner afterward or sing in the car with me on the way home, and would always read me a book before bed.


HD: Have your girls expressed any desire to follow in your design footsteps? Do they ever share design input?

CS: They're still very little but I would love for one of them, if not both, to catch the design bug! It would be so special for me to teach them what I know, and to leave this to them one day. My oldest is very opinionated when she comes into the office, and although she may not know what she is doing, she definitely knows what she does and does not like, which is a crucial asset for decision-making in this business.

Photo Credit: Cozy Salazar Interiors

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