Centaur Interiors Creates Unique Outdoor Oasis For Millenium Park Residence


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Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

When Centaur Interiors was approached for this project in the Millenium Park area of Chicago, the client made it clear that the ideal outdoor area was an absolute must-have.

Located in the Loop community area of Chicago, this residence is a stone's throw away to some of the city's best museums, cultural attractions, restaurants and bars. So while access to breath-taking views would not necessarily be a problem, project manager and Principal at Centaur Interiors Michael Miller and Design Director Jennifer Aubry still had a few challenges ahead. Since this is a landmark building, approvals had to go through the building and the city as well. This translated to many of the custom pieces found throughout the stunning home to be fabricated on-site.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

While rooftop terraces are a rarity in Chicago, the opportunity to create one allowed for the Centaur team to utilize core skills related to designing, building and furnishing.

Keeping in mind that the vast majority of the world has been reeling from a global pandemic which kept us all indoors for the past year or more, any and every outdoor spaces were welcomed by client and designer alike.

One of the aforementioned key pieces that had to be fabricated onsite was the floating steel trellis which integrates lighting, heating, water misters, as well as a motorized retractable awning. Which means this would be the ideal terrace to entertain and spend time at, year-round.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

The terrace also includes a custom outdoor kitchen which incorporates concealed appliances for entertaining. Multiple flooring materials of wood, tile, and turf flawlessly integrate and also incorporate lighting features. Apart from floors, the planters, walls and trellis all have lighting, which creates a lovely atmosphere throughout the evening. All of these aspects including exterior grade TVs and speakers are harmoniously controlled with smart home technology.

Smart Home Technology allows for the option of entertaining for intimate and larger-scale functions alike. The robust one-touch controls give the client the option to entertain not only in a variety of social settings but throughout various climate conditions as well.

While the rooftop may be something of an oasis, the interior of this home is nothing short of spectacular either.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

The image above displays a motorized TV that seamlessly vanishes, dividing a gorgeous millwork wine feature.

A distressed leather wrapped floating credenza and millwork wall panels showcase a beautiful piece of custom art which anchors the living room seating grouping. All interior furnishings and decor were implemented by the Centaur Interiors design team.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

This Millenium Park Residence displays the turnkey service Centaur Interiors provides, regardless of the environment or situation. The lovely outdoor oasis will surely be the party destination no matter what conditions the Windy City has planned.


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