Boutique Design New York Offers Exclusive Sneak Peek to Year’s New Interiors

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Calling all interior design connoisseurs! It’s time for the NYFW of interiors, or as some like to call it, Boutique Design New York (BDNY). This fall, BDNY is back and better than ever as the leading conference and trade fair in the interior design industry. Focusing on boutique hospitality and lifestyle interiors, the sourcing experience showcases interiors ranging from hotels, restaurants, and spas, to clubs, cruise ships and more.

Held in Manhattan's Javits Center from November 13-14, the annual gathering invites those who are inspired by interior design. Whether you are a designer, purchaser, owner, brand, student, or just generally intrigued by design, BDNY welcomes you to experience meaningful interaction and be inspired by the latest offerings of the 550+ exhibits.These curated spaces will hold panel discussions while also serving as a networking platform for conversations and engagement. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s highly-anticipated designs:

Space #2637: Better-Verse

Photo Credit: Boutique Design New York

Design Team: DLR Group

As our digital landscape progresses, so should our physical one. Constantly challenging the world’s physical features, the metaverse always seems to be pushing boundaries beyond the abilities of reality. The space itself drew inspiration from a secret garden that contrasts digital experiences with reality. It shows how technology and design must work together to provide optimal living. Appropriately named, the “Better-Verse” encourages designers to design for realspaces, and reclaim and celebrate our real domain in order to keep their feet in reality while their minds explore and gain inspiration from the creations of the digital world.

Space #524: ReWild by Westin

Photo Credit: Boutique Design New York

Design Team: EoA

A common theme in this year’s upcoming showcase is the idea of modernizing history. Westin’s design collected inspiration from the very start of Manhattan, dating all the way back to its glacier days. By infusing biophilia, or the concept of human connection with nature, into the space, Westin offset the sleek, modern, glacial features with the idea of a flourishing greenery. The space invites individuals into a multisensory experience where they can immerse into a relaxing yet re-energizing concept of rich textural details and soft nuanced palettes.

Space #325: Revive by Element

Photo Credit: Boutique Design New York

Design Team: The Society; Lighting Design by Within Light Studio

In the name itself, Element’s “Revive” Narrative does just that - alluding to the origins of midtown, the design displays a revamp of New York’s past. The design shows a timeline of how the historic Hudson Yards has modernized into an architectural neighborhood. Subtle hints of the location’s historic railroad trains and port ships are presented throughout with the use of bronze, knots, rope, and waterway imagery coupled with an array of forms, textures, and materials, creating conversation and engagement.

Space #1959: Posta by WorldHotels Crafted Collection

Photo Credit: Boutique Design New York

Design Team: EDG

The Posta design space takes us on a contrasting journey all the way from the big city to the rural Estancias of Argentina. Inspired by the combination of residential charm and polo ranch romance of Buenos Aires, Posta renders guests with indoor-outdoor living space with upscale materials influenced by Argentina. Guests can sit down for a cocktail at the Champagne bar, saddle up at the stable club lounge, or make their way outside to the garden party lawn. Either way, the space is certain to draw in visitors and encourage captivating conversations. 

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