Baccarat X Luxury Living Group Unveil First Furniture Collection

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The Baccarat La Maison collection is an extension of the Baccarat universe offering timeless furniture and home accessories. Luxury Living Group created the new collection with contribution from some of the most renowned interior designers from around the world.

While the luxury home collection is manufactured in Italy and distributed worldwide, the production of the crystal pieces will reside alongside the artisans of Baccarat who have used the same craftmanship passed down generationally for over 250 years.

Baccarat CEO, Daniela Riccardi acknowledges the marriage between heritage and modernity, two characteristic both companies possess, which paired together will create a collection a luxury vision.

“Working with a brand that has centuries of history means being able to express the values and essence of a unique lifestyle in a range of furniture” said Raffaella Vignatelli, President of Luxury Living Group. “It’s my father’s dream come true, to translate the legendary elegance and iconic style of Baccarat into an extraordinary furniture collection, offering to our most discerning consumers the choice of a truly unique collection.”

Photos courtesy of Baccarat x Luxury Living Group

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