Luxury City Living Boasts Swanky Real Estate Swag

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Contemporary designs. Concierge conveniences. Custom outdoor spaces. The three big Cs that make up luxury city living.

Cities are where the hottest trends in luxury living are emerging. Years of real estate development have transformed infertile urban areas into a city’s trendiest—and priciest—metropolitan neighborhoods. And city slicker living isn’t just for young professionals; urban living also attracts international vacationers looking for a luxury home away from home, empty nesters reemerging from the suburbs, retirees seeking ready access to a city’s conveniences and convivial milieus, and investors seeking to add to their real estate portfolio. Today’s luxe urban homes are built and renovated to par excellence standards of a demanding real estate market that expects all three Cs to not only be met, but surpassed.

Contemporary Designs

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Supertall. Super skinny towers. Smashing vertiginous, panoramic views. These are the No. 1 design must-haves in luxury city living.

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Second in the must-have succession line: first class amenities. An outstanding array of services and amenities must include, at a minimum, state-of-the-art underground parking, bespoke 24-hour concierge and lifestyle management, valet services, resident’s gym, pool and spa facilities.

Concierge Conveniences

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Following third: concierge conveniences. Personal attention to your needs must be made easy and effortless.

A pleasant walk in the city may take you to the heart of downtown and the many recreational and cultural choices that a city offers. Partake in an attractive pedestrian streetscape – also known as a “walker’s paradise.” Partake in the skyway systems during inclement weather that will take you to almost any downtown destination without going outdoors.

And your 24-hour concierge can make it all effortlessly happen.

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Indoor adventures made available to the residents serve as at-home conveniences that rock the real estate world. Literally.

C’mon, rock climbing at home? Yes, at home and in the city.

Custom Outdoor Spaces

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Custom finishes are not just mandatory inside individual apartments, but in the collective space as well. Those who enjoy city living, also enjoy socializing. And what better way to socialize than at home, with an outdoor space with the most amazing view? Add on a 15,000 square-foot terrace and a members-only club with a 100th floor private space and you’ve identified a few more of the must-haves that comprise luxury city living.

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It’s all about more convenient and the most convenient. That is, convenience to a city’s sought-after attractions: museums, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Luxury city living allows you to participate in a city’s vibrancy, at your choosing. On your chosen day. At your chosen time.

Live in the city and explore experiencing the vibrant city life. And how? By residing in a luxury residential tower surrounded by well-tended pocket gardens. By living in an apartment home of uncompromising quality that offers a host of luxe amenities befitting of a luxury hotel: 24-hour, 7-day-a-week concierge service, a complimentary “happy hour” with cocktails in the early evening and private complimentary limousine service, just to name a few.

Above all, seek to live that carefree urban lifestyle -downtown in the most coveted trendy area- that provides a life of comfort, wellness and undisturbed peace in the midst of an exciting metropolitan area, located in the heart of the city itself. You’ll soon realize that luxury city living leaves nothing to the imagination and everything to real-life realty.


All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate


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