Another Waterfront Home Literally Floats on San Francisco’s Mission Creek River

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Floating home

With them popping up all around the world, floating homes seem to be all the rage as of late.

Stationed on San Francisco’s Mission Creek river is this three-floor, two-bedroom floating home.

Robert Nebolon of Robert Nebolon Architects designed the waterfront home at the request of a couple, who had been in search of a new residence but wasn’t having much luck. Deciding to think outside of the box, the couple settled on the idea of a floating home. For Nebolon, who had had previous experience with building houses that were either in close proximity to water or on piers, this was his first time designing a floating home. “The main challenge was determining how to pack the house with storage while ensuring it had the basics,” he told

It seems like all of the basics can be accounted for in this unique pad. The master bedroom found on the second floor has a custom-made bed that comes equipped with attached drawers and storage space. In the kitchen area, there are Wolf gas range appliances, a white Carrara marble countertop bar, Cobb Rise & Fall pendants by Original BTC, and a wine glass holder designed by Nebolon himself. A living room with Australian cypress floors that have a tung oil finish, a Solas fireplace, and multiple decks can also be found throughout the home, which also has views of downtown San Francisco, including AT&T Park.

There’s a brightly colored staircase offering access to all three floors that features steel railings and wood treads. The staircase was designed to make the trips between each floor “fun,” according to the architect.

With withstanding corrosion in mind, the large warehouse-style windows were made from black anodized aluminum with stainless steel hinges.

“It’s a very durable paint system that doesn’t require periodic painting,” says Nebolon, who outfitted the outside of the floating home with a coating that protects from fading for up to 40 years. “An annual hose-down will work just fine.”

Though the 2,100-square-foot space––which took a half of a year to be built––is now anchored on a dock in Mission Creek, it was not assembled in its current location.

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