Andrew Flesher Talks Increasing Home Value and Unusual Design Requests

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andrew flesher

How can you use interior design to increase the value of your home?

Good interior design is an important asset that will definitely increase the value of your home and even the chances of multiple offers. Walking into an attractive space can make a buyer feel at home. A home that appears well cared for gives the impression of the house “being done”, that you won’t have to do anything other than move in.

Generally speaking, I think the more neutral the colors and the less “stuff” there is in a space will be more appealing to a greater number of buyers. I find that when I do a design scheme for a client, the basics – sofa, lounge chairs, walls – work well in neutral tones, with color being used as accents – pillows, rugs, art. This gives the homeowner the flexibility to make changes down the road that doesn’t involve buying new or recovering those large items (unless, of course they want to – and we do like that!).

Not too long ago, before the housing market started to come back, we had a client put their house on the market and even before the sign went up they had multiple offers and it sold for more than the asking price. Was it a nice house in itself? – yes. Was it that different from the neighbors – not from the outside. There was no doubt the interior design helped sell the house.

What is the most unusual interior design request you’ve received in your time as an interior designer? How did you go about executing it?

Actually, the most unusual interior design request came from a client with very, shall we say “kinky”, tastes in décor. Believe me, I would not be able to elaborate on that in this blog!

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