An Expert’s Guide On Southern California’s Luxury Real Estate Market

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Photo courtesy of Fiora Aston

Luxury real estate is an everchanging market, especially in Southern California. Whether homebuyers are seeking modern estates, oceanfront properties, or an excess amount of land, there is one common quality prospective buyers are seeking in California: location. Haute Residence sat down with five of the top realtors in SoCal to discuss why this destination area is attracting prospective buyers.

Homeowners across the globe are weighing the pros and cons of choosing to live in destination areas for many specific reasons. However, the three top qualities prospects are seeking when searching for homes in Southern California range from a discrete location to an innovative floorplan.

“I have been consistently hearing from clients that they are looking for a great/prime location; a smart floor-plan; and privacy,” said Real Estate Agent, Lisa Optican.

Aside from the prime location, prospective buyers are seeking SoCal for reasons such as the ideal weather, expanding business opportunities, and price/value.

“Compared to other top cities in the world (New York, London, Hong Kong, etc.) the value of your money and what it can get here [in Southern California] is a huge incentive compared to what you would be able to purchase in any other top city,” said Real Estate Agent, Santiago Arana.

Photo courtesy of Santiago Arana

Southern California is home to some of the most top destination cities, each area has its own charm and offers a different price rangeattracting prospective buyers for various reasons.

“Los Angeles is a vast city with a lot to offer for buyers of different tastes and life styles. The price range normally dictates where the buyers can purchase a home.The buyers that like to be in a quiet neighborhood with access to a new shopping center would choose the Pacific Palisades Village. At the same time, the Venice area with its many great restaurants, cafes and shops also attract a different set of prospectors,” said Real Estate Agent, Fiora Aston.

Areas such as Santa Monica and Malibu offer a closeness to the ocean with a nature-centered lifestyle, which is another factor why buyers are seeking SoCal.

“People move to Malibu because you get land when you buy a home here. Most Malibu homes offer privacy and great outdoor spaces to enjoy the California lifestyle,” said Real Estate Agent, Jeff Chertow.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Optican

Southern California has endless qualities which attract prospective homebuyers to this destination area. Between the warm weather, pristine oceans, and shopping destinations, SoCal has continuously matched its effortless lifestyle with living and location.

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