5 Questions With HLRN Member Kerry Mormann

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1.     If money was not an object, what is the most special property for sale in your market and Why?

Well I think that’s pretty easy. That’s the Dos Pueblos Ranch.

2.     What is the hottest area in your market today?

In my market right now it’s the high-end, lifestyle property.

3.     Do you have a iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry?

I have an iphone.

4.     What are your plans as a real estate agent in the next 10 years?

Keep on working.

5.     Who or what inspired you to get into the real-estate business?  

That’s not a real easy answer. It’s a long story. It’s an intriguing story but it’s a—you know what probably the best answer would be that my mother was in real estate, my grandmother was in real estate, it’s in the blood.

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