5 Questions With HLRN Member Jeanine T. Harris

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1.     If money was not an object, what is the most special property for sale in your market and Why?

I would probably say we have an ocean front property that is located centrally in walking distance of the main village of Vero Beach and it’s a brand new property and it’s over 6,000 square feet and it’s on the market for $5,999,000 and that’s the asking price so I think it’s a great value because it is new onstruction and close to everything.

2.     What is the hottest area in your market today?


3.     Do you have a iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry?

Iphone. And almost our entire office is iPhone.

4.     What are your plans as a real estate agent in the next 10 years?

To continue. We work exclusively in the luxury market which makes us a connection to you of course. It’s just to continue to develop that niche marketplace and stay with it. I have a business partner that’s done this for nearly 30 years and I’ve done it for 18 years so between us we have a combined experience that we feel is important and we just want to keep developing that market place on a very personal level because we are in a small community.

5.     Who or what inspired you to get into the real-estate business?  

My father and my husband. My father was always a real estate developer and my husband felt that I had qualities of a good real estate representative.

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