What You Want: Expert Realtors Tisha Digman & Cam Schiedel Help You Find Your Dream Home.

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The real estate purchasing process is full of personal preferences and  motivations. The ability of your realtor to interpret those into the reality of a home is crucial. We asked expert Realtors Tisha Digman & Cam Schiedel their process for finding the perfect match.

When clients come to you with an idea of what they want, how do you help them refine their criteria prior to finding a match?

When a client comes to us wanting to either buy or sell their property we like to have an in depth conversation about what goals they’re trying to achieve.  For instance, when someone comes into town for a vacation and falls in love with Park City they’ll often decide they’d like to purchase a vacation home here.  At that point they have very limited experience with the town and some of the nuances of different neighborhoods.  Park City offers a variety of lifestyle options from condo hotels like The St. Regis, Waldorf or Montage to the charm of Old Town where historic homes offer charm and the convenience of proximity to Main Street.  It’s our goal to understand what’s most important to our clients and help them find the opportunities which best fit their goals.

What is the most important thing you look for when purchasing a home for yourself?

Location, Location, Location!  Everything else is secondary…you should love where you live.

If you had to choose one piece of advice for first-time home buyers, what would it be?

First time buyers should understand that there are always compromises when purchasing your first home.  It’s very rare to find a perfect house unless you find a lot in a neighborhood that you love and build your home with the floor plan and finishes that you select.  Prioritize your wants and needs and go with the home that meets the majority of your needs and hopefully you get a few wants checked off the list as well.

If you were not selling real estate, where would you be today?

If we weren’t selling real estate we’d both be on the ski hill…although…we still sell real estate on the ski hill.  So…I guess we can’t imagine where we’d be. J

What would you say is your most proud accomplishment as a real estate agent so far?

Our proudest accomplishment is that while the country has experienced such a difficult period financially, which greatly affected the real estate market, we’ve continued to thrive and grow.  By focusing on how we can truly help and working to improve our level of service and value to our clients, our business has been steady and growing.  We look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.

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