Shagreen Furniture by Scala Luxury

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We’ve fallen for the outstanding shagreen furniture made by Scala Luxury. This furniture company has built a reputation in the luxury market as the go-to for the realisation of the most extravagant ideas. The company utilizes the world’s most rare and precious materials, including everything from animal skins, horn, gold leaf, glass to stainless steel.

Scala Luxury’s shagreen furniture is made from the most exotic of materials: stingray skin. Throughout history, shagreen has been a highly sought-after material, renowned for its beauty and durability. The material was used by Japanese samurai to cover their sword handle, coveted for its unique, non-slippery texture. The material was also popularised among the French aristocracy after designer Jean-Claude Galluchat featured shagreen prominently in designs commissioned for King Louis XV. Use of the material has become more rare today, as a high degree of technical skill is required to process the stingray skin. Which makes these designs by Scale Luxury true collectors pieces!

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