Sarasota, Florida Makes Massive Effort To Benefit Puerto Rico

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With Puerto Rico still in crisis and in need of help, members of the Sarasota community are banding together to help raise funds, take donations, and gather food and supplies for those still desperately in need.

The various support groups are hosting an event October 11th from 7pm-10pm at the Payne Park Auditorium, 2100 E. Laurel Street in Sarasota. The event will feature live music from Uni2, Gio Rodriguez, Voices Libres, and more—for a small entry fee of only $10. The event is supported by SRQ Florida Helps Puerto Rico, a group of physicians and teachers in the area, as well as the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Daniel Matusiak, DK Dance Creations, and the musicians donating their time to the cause.

While the proceeds from the door to the event will go to helping Puerto Rico, the people in danger are still in need of supplies, which attendees are encouraged to bring. Mosquito Repellent, lighters, solar flashlights, hammocks, air mattresses, cookware and utensils, can openers, toiletries, and fruit and vegetable seeds are all in high demand.

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