Sarah Maarek Discusses the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer and Satisfying Clients

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Sarah Maarek Discusses the Benefits of Hiring and Interior Designer and Satisfying Clients

What are the chief benefits of hiring an interior designer, versus setting out to decorate one’s home without any professional help?

The chief benefits of hiring an interior designer is the global picture, the vision the designer has of the space. I know it appears very easy to some people to decorate on their own, one will think “I love this and that,”  and “I have a good taste it will fit together” etcetera. But good taste and [proper fit] are not enough to set up the perfect décor. I recall a project when I suggested one of my clients marry contemporary and antique furniture; she had this beautiful painting with bold colors from a very famous contemporary artist that she wanted to use in the nursery. She also was attached to an old XVIIIth century hunting table. She needed to make some space and was devastated by the idea of selling it, as it had been in her family forever. So I suggested we could use it as a changing table. She looked at me as if I was totally crazy—how could I mix contemporary art with XVIII century furniture? I begged her to trust me.

We revamped the hunting table, giving it a second life by repainting the structure in bold orange to give it a contemporary look. We also added a contemporary custom-changing tray, a few storage baskets, et voila!! It became the perfect changing table for the décor. Once everything was assembled it was like it was meant to be together. That is what I call “interior designing.” 

Hypothetically, if one of your clients was immensely dissatisfied with a project’s end result (even though your design met his or her needs and desires to a tee), what would be your approach to quelling his or her discontent?

As I said in a previous interview, we are a small family-run business. I am in constant contact with my clients. Most of them are much more than clients. A job is not complete until everybody is happy and I am personally involved at every stage. To put it simply, the nursery is like the baby; if we decide that we are going to do it together, I have yet to meet anybody who was unhappy once it was delivered.

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