Karen Ippolito Talks Summer Trends and Decorating Cramped Spaces

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What patterns, colors, or materials are trending for this summer?
This summer has brought about a much different color palette than seasons in the past. It seems that everything has lightened up: various shades of white and champagne are more prominent than deeply saturated colors. To add life to a room, use pops of color in small amounts; for example, in accessories. Along with the lighter color palette, the layering of patterns has become a big trend. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns. Bringing in a traditional pattern with modernized items makes the room transitional and on trend. Using all materials and styles lends the room towards a more timeless feeling.
What strategies would you employ in decorating an exceptionally cramp space (such as a studio apartment, a tiny living room, a small office, etc.)?
Decorating a small space can be challenging, but there are many strategies we use to make the room feel spacious. A list of the wants and needs for the space works as a great starting point. The needs are priority over the wants, as functionality is always the top priority. When selecting furniture, choose pieces that are low-profile, and limit the amount of furniture pieces you use. For example, employ an L-shaped sectional instead of a separate couch and chairs. Wall space should be utilized when placing furniture; sofas and chairs can be placed against the wall, which will help keep an open feeling in the space. Floating furniture, as ottomans, can be additional seating, yet will leave the room open. Avoid placing furniture backs to the entrance of a walkway or doorway. The color palette should stay light, accented with bright pops of artwork. Even though you are working with a small space, your wall art should never be too small, whether you cluster small pictures together to make a large piece, or hang a large piece on its own. The use of mirrors creates an illusion of depth in the room. With these few simple tips, the process of creating a functional yet stylish space can be quite enjoyable

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