Haworth Buys Poltrona Frau, Creates Even Larger Global Luxury Brand

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Haworth, known for its prowess in the US furniture market, just acquired a huge amount of stake in Alias, Cassina and Cappellini (iconic Italian design brands) as a component of a $270M deal with Poltrona Frau. Haworth, privately owned and Michigan-based, generated over a billion dollars in sales in 2013 alone.


The successful company now also oversees Nemo, The Gebrüder Thonet Vienna and Poltrona Frau’s personal luxury business, according to Dezeen. Haworth made the purchase from Charme (linked to Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo) and the previous owners of Poltrona Frau (who retained stake after its takeover by Charme).


Info courtesy of Dezeen, Photos courtesy of: woont.com, motiqonline.com, everythingbutordinary.co.uk, made-in-italy.com. poltronafrau.com



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