A Residential Complex in Asia Could Incorporate a Rooftop Ski Slope

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Slalom House 2

Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country known for reaching notoriously frigid temperatures, surprisingly lacks many places to ski and snowboard outside of its former capitol, Almaty. The “Slalom House,” a residential project and “an eye-catching new winter sports facility” could change that.

Slalom House 3

As of right now, there aren’t any concrete plans in place for the Slalom House to be built, but there are parties that have expressed interest in taking the design proposals further.

Slalom House 4

Shokhan Mataibekov of Shokhan Mataibekov architects conceived the concept as a result of the four-hour travel time between Astana, Kazakhstan’s current capitol, and the nearest ski slopes. Speaking to CNN, he unveiled that the unique project is projected to cost somewhere around $70 million.

Slalom House 5

Nominated last year at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in the residential future projects category, the Slalom House is slated to feature over 400 two-bedroom residential units; 21 floors; space for retailers and food outlets in the lobby area; and a 1,000-foot, man-made ski slope that descends from the top of the building. There will also be a separate entrance, which will grant access to the rooftop slope via panoramic elevators.

Slalom House

More information on the Slalom House can be found here.

Images courtesy of the World Architecture Festival

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