Yusuke Shigeta Presents 17th Century Japanese War Via 3D Modelling And Animation

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Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

Throughout different eras and across regions, art may change in medium, style, and motif but some aspects will always remain fixed: art’s recollection of history, storytelling ability, and its impact on the current and upcoming culture. Acclaimed artist, Yusuke Shigeta, pays homage to Japanese historical events and heritage by intersecting the modern digital with traditional Japanese aesthetics and designs. 

Shigeta’s installation piece, a six paneled animation of the 17th century Japanese folding screen titled The Battle of Sekigahara, serves to depict one of the most important wars in Japanese history. The innovative piece represents the blending of culture and time periods, and both honors and signifies the impact and importance of Japanese aesthetics in the art world.

Shigeta’s multi-dimensional folding screen ties the post-modern mediums of pixel animation and 3D modelling with long-established imagery of Japanese Samurais and the region’s natural flora and fauna.

The piece’s customary motifs, coupled with Shigeta’s original simulation component, add a layer of juxtaposition and intersectionality, as well as interesting movement to the overall folding screen.


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