Wives Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Purchase a Unique Compound for a Whopping $70M

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Ellen DeGeneres, known as the host of the show under the same name, and the voice actor for Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, and her wife, Portia de Rossi known for her role in Ally McBeal and Arrested Development, have purchased a property in Carpinteria, California.

This purchase is considered to be the priciest residential purchase in the history of Santa Barbara County. The previously most expensive purchase was a $63 million Montecito ranch bought by Riley Bechtel and his wife.

They purchased the beautiful home for just under $70 million and it rests on a bluff that overlooks the ocean. Though the complex is quite large and awe-inspiring, it is actually only half of the original compound known as the "Sanctuary at Loon Point." The entire property has been on the market since August 2021 for $160M. There are a total of 22 acres on the whole compound, but it is broken up into three parcels, and two homes with land.

The purchase by Ellen and Portia included one of those homes and one of the landscaped lots, for a total of 10 acres, so the other home and two parcels of land are still available.

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Though it is only half of the compound, it isn't lacking by any means. The home contains five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a total of 9,000 square feet of space. The home is divided into three floors and is full of features such as a terracotta roof, exposed wooden beams on the ceilings, hardwood floors, archways made from stone, and marble for accents.

Also on the property are a three-car garage and a guesthouse with a bedroom and a bathroom. There is a private beach area at the top of the bluff with a fire pit, torches, a rowboat, and a dining table with an umbrella wired for WiFi and phone signals. You can also find a pool, two spas, herb and vegetable gardens, a fireside lounge, and an outdoor kitchen. Olive trees dot the landscape.

Ellen and Portia have purchased several homes in the surrounding area. They often spend a year flipping them and then sell them again for a $5 to $10 million profit. It isn't clear if that is the plan for this property yet.

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