When Bigger is Better – OC Concept Store

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In an age of less-is-more electronics, where smaller is thought to equal better, we bring you the antidote – OC CONCEPT STORE’s Manhattan musical table by Reuge.

Brought to you by Reuge, masters of the art of mechanical music since 1886, this Chestnut musical table is not only a lovely addition to any space with its tapestry-like inlays and superb fabrication, but it sings like a bird. Playing the works of masters like Mozart, Chopin, and Gershwin, not to mention Webber, Lennon and Presley, this side table-cum-entertainment station is leaps and bounds above the boring collapsible speaker systems you’ll find around most parts.

The Manhattan musical table by Reuge, $59,900; available at OC Concept Store, 655 Madison Ave., New York, 212-759- 9220.

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