What’s On Joseph Bograd’s Desk, HLRN Exclusive Member

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1. Provide us with a brief description of your company and your position, and where you are located.

I am the Associate Broker at ReMax Elite and we are located in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

2. Please send us a photo of the desk in your office. Make it to we can see a few key items on the desk. You can provide a selection of photos of your desk/office and we can choose which is best.

3. Describe to us 5 items that you keep on your desk. Tell us why they have meaning to you, or how they help you get the job done.

1. Item: iPad 

Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You: I have an IPad to utilize marketing tools and to use while out on the road with clients.

2. Item: iPhone

Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:  My iPhone is with me at all times and often on my desk.  It is my way to stay accessible and connected to colleages and clients.  "It's My Life Line"

3. Item: Photos of my wife and twins.

Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:  Having picture of my family on my desk inspires me to work hard and reminds me of why I put in the hours of hard work day to day.

4. Item:  Computer

Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:  My laptop is always on my desk so that I have access to important websites that allow me to be as knowledgeable on what is available on the market for my clients.  The computer is also a tool for me to be active in social networking.

5. Item: Awards and achievement plaques

Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:  The one award that stands out for me is, Top Ten Realtor in PA Award. This award inspires me to continue my hard work and reminds me to strive for more success as a Broker.

Learn more about our Exclusive Real Estate Network member Joseph Bograd.  Check out his profile for his bio, listings social media info, and more: http://www.www.hauteresidence.com/member/joseph-b-bograd/

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