What Makes A Neighborhood Luxurious?

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These three C's make a neighborhood luxurious: convenience, community and cuisine. Said another way, a locale can be said to be luxurious if it combines the Blue Zone lifestyle with residential luxury living.

Blue Zones are areas around the world where people live much longer -as well as happier and healthier- than average. To date, there are five locales in the world classified as "Blue Zones": Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece); and Loma Linda, California (USA). Residents of these places produce a high rate of centenarians, suffer a modicum of diseases, and enjoy more years of great health. This Blue Zone living approach has had such continuing success in improving the physical fitness and well-being of entire cities, it has become the core for brand-new, residential luxury living.

Below are photo depictions of the three C's that collectively serve to create the luxury residential experience, and that also cover the lifestyle habits of Blue Zone residents.



Whether it's swimming in the ocean at the beach; walking through a city's art, culture and literature; or basking in nature -- whatever gives you pleasure should be easily accessible. If it's hassle-free getting to where you can enjoy your most desired pleasures, then you'll do them more often and with ease.


Try and choose pleasures that involve moderate, regular physical activity. Perhaps traversing these sand dunes?

One life lesson that each of the Blue Zones have in common involves partaking in moderate, physical activity on a consistent basis. Which leads to stress reduction and a longer, happier life.



Life is meant to be shared with those with whom you genuinely connect. Perhaps, a soirée in this living room?


Another life lesson provided by the Blue Zone people, is that having a life purpose makes for a happy and longer life. In addition, some form of engagement in spirituality or religion, family life and social life makes you physically feel younger. It turns out staying connected has its health benefits, not to mention its blissful benefits.


This room is music to the ears, as well as some tasty eye candy.


Culinary sensations affect more than the palette. They also allow you to savor experiences and live life to the fullest in this kitchen.

People residing in Blue Zones have moderate caloric intake and plant-based diets. The time is now to become the epicurean that you're meant to be: make healthy living easy and sustainable, and participate in activities accompanied by health-conscious meals and cooking classes based on the Blue Zones' findings.


To live in this breathtaking apartment is to experience luxury living at its best, boldest and with exquisite Blue-Zone indulgence.


All images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty



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