West Takes On Western Wyoming: Kanye West Retreats To Two Wyoming Therapy Ranches For $22.2M

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Divorce is difficult for anyone, but when you’re a renowned “rap God”, fashion magnate, self-proclaimed spiritual leader, and a recently named billionaire trailing off of a heart-wrenching divorce with Kim Kardashian, an equally prominent social media mogul, a guarantee of serene isolation away from the Hollywood scene sounds like the only ideal escape. In the past several months it has become clear that when Wyoming calls, Kanye West saddles up and he is definitely not afraid to drop millions on *multiple* Wyoming-based therapy ranches. The extremely celebrated rap legend made his first and second purchases in rocky mountainous Wyoming just two months apart. Though both properties boasted vast acreage, the first flaunting 4,524-acres of land, and being purchased for a whopping $7.7 million, the latter, and larger, property purchase nearly doubled the price of the first. Kanye, now for a $22.2 million composite has secured both a 6,700-acre personal haven known as Bighorn Mountain Ranch in Greybull, Wyoming and the aforementioned 4,524-acre Monster Lake Ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

It is evident that Kanye has decided to separate his private affairs from his public endeavors by spreading them evenly over the two estates; after all, for a megastar and billionaire, two is certainly better than one. Kanye uses his smaller ranch in Cody to host his signature Sunday mass and concerts, as well as other public events while retreating discretely to his second ranch, which is even more so a vision of grandeur and situated 50 miles away, to live and write music in the wake of his recent divorce.

With such marvelous estates, surrounding mountainous terrain to enjoy moments of solace in, and the ability to dive into his painful and recent divorce, West’s creativity is abundant. In Bighorn Mountain Ranch which features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, Kanye’s tenth studio album, Donda, was written and produced. The album, which was originally scheduled for July 23rd has now reportedly been pushed back until around August 6th.

The gorgeous and extensive enclave is a vision of classic elegance with smooth wooden furnishings and primarily neutral-toned color palettes. The exterior features a stunning mahogany log base accented by forest green roofs and bordering. The cozy home blends sumptuousness with absolute comfort and welcoming energy by seamlessly implementing amenities such as two heated helicopter pads for year-round access, a solar water pump and purification tank, a bar, a cookhouse cabin, and an outdoor cooking area with a fire pit and grills to complement the more traditional and rustic exterior and interior design of the home. The main house, which was recently renovated prior to purchase, features elevated high ceilings, a sunroom, a comfortable master bedroom, and a vast terrace. Kanye’s Wyoming getaway pays homage to the natural environment of its surrounding, and the three private cabins on the estate sit atop a slightly raised hill overlooking a gorgeous lake, a hidden creek that runs through the ranch, and an incredible mountainous and viridescent view. 

In a time of high emotions and great difficulty for the 44-year-old mainstream Hollywood tycoon, Kanye has decided to seek refuge at his Wyoming oasis. We expect success for West’s upcoming album of vulnerability, Donda, and hope for healing after his heartbreak.

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