Welcome To the Perfect Foyer to Your Dream Home Courtesy of Haute Design Experts

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For better or worse, a foyer can set the tone for a home's design. A first impression speaks volumes, so our Haute Design Experts revealed how to create an excellent foyer.

Photo Credit: @luminairefoto

Knot & Tide Interiors

A foyer is the point of entry into the home, meaning it has to be functional and, above all, else welcoming. When we design an entryway, we think of three things:

The first is creating an enclave. The foyer should be a space onto itself sculpted from this home with its comforts.

Secondly, you need a place to sit. We always like to add a bench or stool as a nice, soft space to take your shoes on and off.

And lastly, a drop space. When walking through a front door, it's crucial to have a place to set things down, be it for keys, mail, loose change, etc. Adding a console or a credenza to your entryway adds functionality and fills out the gaps in that space.

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Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors 

At Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors, a great foyer always begins with a graphic statement wallpaper. The foyer welcomes you into the home, and we want you to feel inspired and transported when you walk through the door. Selecting the perfect entry console table to compliment is key. An open and sculptural console table with a few items for display or a functional piece with storage, depending on the clients' needs, are ideal considerations.

A large mirror is a must to check yourself before heading out and will also make the space feel much larger. As for accessories, books, fresh flowers, and a few sculptural objects are my go-tos. I mix color, pattern and texture in my selections to keep it fresh and interesting.

Photo Credit: Kristen Francis Photo

Archetype Architecture

We judge a home by its foyer. The entrance is an opportunity to impress your guests and set the tone for what is ahead. You want the design to showcase the style and mood of your home. The foyer is the perfect place to experiment with color and pattern in a small dose.

A well-designed entry should not only introduce your home's personality, but also serve a crucial purpose: an organized space to take off your shoes, hang your bags, store your keys, etc.

You can dress your space with stylish storage, like built-ins, a console table, or decorative bins. Add an accent mirror and statement light fixture for a quick outfit check before you rush out the door. And if you have the space, some seating like a bench or stool provides a place to put on or take off shoes. Decorate your console with fresh flowers and a beautiful bowl to elevate the surface.

Photo Credit: Christi Nielsen

The Nielsen Collection 

You can design a foyer to showcase elements that reflect the spirit of the home. Sometimes, that can be objects of furniture to catch keys, mail, etc. When designing a contemporary home like this, less is best. Here, we are showcasing the LED lights and the beautiful tear-drop light fixtures that hang just in view from outside, creating a mystery as to what is inside. The large pivot door masquerades as artful jewelry, leaving no room for anything else to compete for beauty while the step accent lights guide the pathway. This contemporary foyer speaks for itself.

Photo Credit: Anton Grassl

Leslie Saul & Associates

  1. Respect and enhance the building's architecture
  2. Don’t be afraid of color
  3. If you can make a foyer into a place rather than just a walk-through space, by adding seating for example, it will serve you really well when you host a gathering

In this photo, the architect of the original house was McKim Mead and White. It was built in the late nineteenth century. We wanted to respect and enhance the original architecture, while avoiding an antique, fuddy-duddy feel. This inspired the color.  Our color selection was not authentic to the original, so this foyer doesn’t look the way it may have been in the 1890’s, but you may agree that it looks great in the 2020’s. Not bad for a 130-year-old building!

Photo Credit: Ryan Hughes Design Build

Ryan Hughes Design Build 

In exterior design, the key to drawing in guests or setting the tone for the space, much like a foyer does, is accomplished by elements and their placement. You can provide a welcoming vibe through the successful use of texture found in surfaces or features, including glistening tile or geometrically placed turf. Dramatic landscape elements can also draw one in via planters or outdoor lighting that induces an ambiance.

"For outdoor designs, areas that welcome and ultimately set the tone are not predicated by walls. Visually, lines also are essential to welcome the residents or guests into the exterior spaces while drawing the eye to what lies beyond," said Ryan Hughes. "The key is the proper placement of items throughout."

Photo Credit: Nicole Ingram

Stacy Nicole Interiors 

A foyer is an essential part of any home and creates the first impression for guests. It's important to create an interesting color scheme that matches with the corresponding lighting in the space. A good color scheme can be a fun way to reflect the personality of your home, and in turn, yourself.

From benches to book shelves, there are a variety of furniture pieces you can use in the foyer to make the space functional and eye-catching. This benefits storage solutions and seating options as well, which gives the foyer a purpose beyond just a space to walk through.

Lastly, add decorations and artworks to the foyer. It will make the space unique and add personality to your foyer to keep guests coming back for more.

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