Water Views And How To Design Your House To Maximize Them

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Combining water views with your home is a winning hand. As far as views that always deliver, there is nothing as unique (and, let's face it, just a bit envious) as a body of water, whether it be an ocean, lake, or river, as one's landscape. Design your house in ways to prioritize the views! Furniture and decorations can enhance the already-wonderful vista of any waterway.


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This bedroom in a tropical setting takes full advantage of the beach and ocean beyond. The bed and accompanying ottomans are positioned to not obstruct each other's view; and, the plants bring nature indoors. The sunsets in the Malibu beachfront houses are pacific and can be enjoyed from every room in them. Keep reading below for how to engage water views from the other areas in your house.


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Head out to the patio and place lounge chairs to enjoy the countryside. The redwood floor in this house gives the space a more rustic feel, but the hanging greenery softens it.


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The River Thames in England serves as the scenery for the small dining table in this modern house. Notice the custom-built windows that open with barely any effort to get out of either chair next to it. The perfectly-selected mirror has the waves of the river in its design.

From Up High

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An apartment is a bit farther from the water than a house, but that should not prevent the infusing of water themes. The beachy feel of this kitchen and living room comes from the colorful stool chairs and the oceanic tones found on the sofa and kitchen items.

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