Watch: “Coast To Coast” Real Estate Webinar #8 By Haute Residence

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Haute Residence hosted its eighth and latest edition of “Coast to Coast”, the industry-leading real estate webinar series, featuring three of the top agents in their respective markets: Mark Peterson of the Bambace Peterson Team in Pebble Beach and Carmel, California, area; Alvaro Nuñez of Super Luxury Group in Venetian Islands, Florida; and Leslie S. Modell of The Leslie S. Modell Team in the Midtown East area of Manhattan, New York.

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Mark Peterson: "We are about an hour and a half to two hours south of the Bay Area of San Francisco we have always been a resort or 2nd home community; 40% of our transactions involve 2nd homes. We have buyers from New York, Florida and different areas of California. We have an inventory squeeze right now. While there are certainly homes on the market for sale, buyers can't quite find exactly what they want for that price, so we really look to work with our buyers to figure out what are their priorities. It is a great market to buy right now from a macroeconomic perspective... Our area is dependent on hospitality, an industry that is hurting right now but is talking about Spring and reopening. It's actually going to be probably a good thing that people see, 'Well, this is a community that's really concerned and really good about safety'... The infrastructure, the education, the great weather year-round, the natural beauty, and the amount of space will make the Bay Area and surrounding communities always be in demand."

Alvaro Nuñez: "The market in Miami has been spectacular; we've been one of the lucky destinations. It's becoming the most desirable place, if not one of the top places, to be, and we've seen a huge demand of people coming down not just to rent but to buy, so the demand obviously has been increasing. What at the beginning of the pandemic seemed to be a huge demand for single-family homes, now we're starting to see transitioning to higher demand for condos, and this is a good thing because when it comes to the inventory, we were seeing a little bit of difficulty... Everybody wants to have a great lifestyle. Celebrities want to be in the scene. Those that don't want to be in the scene, still want to be in a place where they can enjoy the lifestyle. Miami is open, right here right now is where [and when] everything is moving."

Leslie S. Modell: "People are getting vaccinated and it's bringing the buyers back to the City. Me personally, I've had an extremely active first quarter in New York. I'm seeing buyers from all markets, from $3 million and under with first-time homeowners trying to get into this really opportunistic buying that we're in right now in New York, and then the higher levels over $4 million are doing very well as well... People tend to like to buy when everyone else is buying; it gives a feeling of comfort, but that's not when to buy. [That time] is now, when the prices are low and they are definitely moving up... New York is getting back into its groove. We're going to get the vaccine; the restaurants will be opening; we're hitting the Spring market; interest rates are very low and will probably stay low for some time. I've been very successful getting buyers off the sidelines and getting very good pricing for my sellers."

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real estate webinar coast to coast #8

Mark Peterson, Alvaro Nuñez, Leslie S. Modell

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