J. Eddy Martinez Talks Marketing Systems, Home Staging and What Sets Him Apart

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What types of marketing systems and approaches do you use to sell a home for your client?

One of our most powerful marketing tools is our global network of buyers and co-brokers. Being in real estate for 14 years now has allowed us to enrich our network with key and influential colleagues who eat, breathe and sleep real estate. Many of our sales take place through our network even before the brochures are printed and magazine ads are published.

Our website is also a powerful marketing tool to drive buyer traffic. WorldwideProperties.com is heavily optimized to rank highly on relevant searches for properties here. Our publicist, The Murry Agency, also has a great impact on our marketing by keeping all our trophy listings and sales consistently in the press.

What are some recommendations you might make to a seller when they begin staging a home to prepare for showings?

The golden rule of staging is to present your home or condo in such a way that the potential buyers can envision themselves living there. That means removing all the personal touches in your home, which is often the hardest thing for a home seller to do because it’s such an emotional process. The kids’ school drawings might be cute taped to the ‘fridge, but they won’t mean anything to a buyer. It will “read” to them as “clutter.”

Another secret is to pay attention to the senses and examine what the buyer will experience entering your home. What will they see? So, remove the clutter. What will they hear? Consider leaving some soft music playing on the stereo. What will they touch? Make sure it’s not dirt and clean, clean, clean. What will they smell? Brew a pot of coffee, or boil some aromatic tea on the stove. Better yet, bake some cookies!

What sets you apart from your competition in your market?

Our attention to customer service and our reach into international markets. As for customer service, every client is an individual with individual wants and needs. We listen to them to make sure we find the perfect match for them whether they are buying or selling.

While we are experts locally and our agents are thoroughly implanted in the local market and the local scene, our network extends well beyond the 305. We really do “List Miami and Sell Miami Worldwide.”
What is your business philosophy?

At Worldwide Properties, we specialize in the full life cycle of a property. We can help you buy your property. We can help you rehab or renovate your property. If it’s an investment, we can manage the property whether it’s a single condo or a large investment portfolio of several properties. And then we can help sell the property for top dollar when the time is right.

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