Use A Real Estate Expert To Sell Your Home

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When the time comes for you to sell your home, you might think it is a quick up and down, find a buyer and close it. Not so fast. The outreach, marketing, identifying buyers, negotiating a final price, and closing stages of a real estate transaction are all crucial and cannot be overlooked.

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Members of the Haute Residence Network share their insight into the benefits of having a real estate professional handle your home's sale instead of doing a "For sale by owner" on your own.

"Homeowners benefit from using a Realtor because they will ultimately make more money and have a less stressful transaction. Realtors bring to the table years of experience in determining the right asking price, marketing the property for maximum exposure, negotiating the contract, and avoiding contract pitfalls." - Jennifer Brilliant, Bal Harbour/Bay Harbor Islands/Surfside, FL.

"Do you tell your doctor what your diagnosis is and how to treat yourself? No. So why would you think real estate is any different? You need expertise!" - Dante DiSabato, Naples, FL.

"Negotiations, marketing, paperwork... it's a full-time job, and you already have one. Great agents earn their keep and then some." - Tim Durkovic, Pasadena, CA.

"An experienced real estate agent like a physician or lawyer helps a homeowner navigate challenges and obstacles in the home selling process." - Wendy Gragg, Santa Barbara, CA.

"Access to the MLS, knowledgeable about market pricing and will have an accurate and unbiased listing price of your property. A full understanding of the entire real estate transaction from negotiating offers, verifying a buyer's creditworthiness, negotiating the physical inspection, overseeing the timeframes, monitoring the title and approval processes to ultimately bring all parties to a successful closing.  Nationwide statistics show that, with a realtor, you net 15% more than without one. Don’t sell yourself short." - Connie Huergo, Palm Beach Coast/Palm Beach Islands, FL.

"A skilled real estate agent has access to a far greater reach to market the property not just to consumers but to the other essential customer— other real estate agents who represent buyers looking at your property." - Robin Kencel, Greenwich, CT.

"Serious buyers of luxury homes overwhelmingly choose to work with a professional when buying a home. These qualified buyers look for homes that are listed with licensed professionals.” - Karen Kenyon, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

"Seasoned career realtors have the expertise, network connections, marketing avenues, and experience of obtaining the highest and best prices for one of their largest investments - their home." - Laura Livaudais, Asheville/Western North Carolina.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” - Mark Salmon in South Tahoe, CA, quoted Red Adair, American Oil Well Firefighter.

"I think the seller nets more money many times by hiring a listing agent; it's good business." - Michael Stanco, North Shore, Long Island, NY.

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