Top 8 Must Have Real Estate Apps, Tools And Platforms | Debbi DiMaggio, DiMaggio & Betta Group

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Agents are hit up daily by companies offering their services, tools, and apps. It is never-ending and exhausting. I have tried some and canceled many. In the end, here are my TOP 8 real estate tools and apps that made the cut, and that I do use daily.

  1. ​Calendly: An ideal calendar tool. Calendly makes it easy to keep track of who is showing your listing and at what time. This tool documents their contact information making it easily accessible rather than buried in an email. Calendly is an excellent way to stay organized.


  1. DocuSign: No matter where you or your client may be in the world, as long as each has access to the internet, documents can be signed and business performed. One can utilize Docusign on a mobile phone as well, but it is more difficult to read the fine print on a contract or disclosure, so I don't recommend it for lengthy documents unless of course the documents have been read and thoroughly understood, beforehand.


  1. REveo: REveo ​All-in-one-click Real Estate Virtual Showing makes showing a home virtually, as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply CONNECT with your client from your iPhone by sending a link to their mobile device, laptop, or smart TV. Then TOUR your clients live, as you walk through the home together. The tour can also be saved and shared again later. Now REveo has a Matterport component. Go to to learn more. Here is an example of a big REveo win for the DiMaggio & Betta Group: During COVID our clients were in New York and unable to come out to the Bay Area. So my husband utilized REveo to show homes to our clients, virtually. Show, Share, Close! 


  1. Canva: As the Marketing Director of HIGHLAND PARTNERS, and for our team the DiMaggio & Betta Group, I am simply obsessed with creating ads and coming up with marketing campaigns, CANVA makes it easy to implement while providing templates you can use, edit and adjust. CANVA can be used on both your laptop or mobile device. It is an intuitive app that allows you to resize your template from Twitter to LinkedIn, Facebook to Pinterest, and more.

  1. Ladies of Real Estate: Ladies of Real Estate social media and networking platform. This platform offers a variety of stylish real estate templates that can be saved to CANVA and edited to fit your needs. It also provides a referral network where Realtors are showcased. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so go to Ladies of Real Estate to learn more.


  1. RealScout: A listed alert search platform that allows an agent to share listings in their desired price range. At the same time allowing the Realtor and client to communicate through RealScout.  RealScout offers market snapshots and other valuable information that can be shared with clients. RealScout is also easy to use and displays the listings beautifully.


  1. Social Media Channels - Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest: Once you create beautiful marketing pieces on CANVA or other similar tools you have to post them somewhere. Each of our social media channels will have unique followers, so it is ideal to post across all platforms.

  1. Dropbox: Real Estate is visual. Any agent who represents Sellers and their homes should always have professional, high res photos taken. Dropbox allows the easy transfer of high-resolution photographs for both web and brochures. Dropbox allows our photographers to share the images they shoot for all our listings with our marketing team so we can create brochures, websites, and upload them to the MLS. Dropbox is a convenient place to keep and categorize all of your photos, real estate related and personal.   

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