Toni Jennings Gives Her Top 5 Reasons Why Winter is the BEST Time to Buy a Home

S. Toni Jennings

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Just because most people prefer to shop for homes during nice weather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a house in the winter. For many shoppers, buying in the winter might even be a better idea than buying in the summer. Here’s why:

1. You Might Get a Better Deal:

Most sellers are more motivated to offload a home on the market during the winter months when home sales traditionally slow down. So you’ll be able to talk the seller down more than you would in May or June when sellers can usually command higher prices for their real estate.

2. You’re Less Likely to Be Outbid:

You might have fewer homes to choose from in the winter, but you’ll be more likely to have an offer accepted when there’s less competition from other buyers.

3. You’ll Know What to Expect from a Home in Bad Weather:

When you shop for homes in the winter, you’ll get to see how drafty the windows are or how cold the bedrooms get. You’ll have the chance to inspect the roof for ice dams and check the walk and driveway for icy spots. How well does the city clear the roads leading to your prospective home? Driving there in the winter will tell you.

4. You Could Close Faster:

Because the real estate market picks up so much in the spring and summer, mortgage brokers tend to get behind on their work. It can be a real bummer to have to wait for closing just because your mortgage broker is slammed, but you could end up closing a lot faster if you buy in the winter.

5. It’ll Be Easier to Hire Movers:

While it’s true that ice and snow can make moving even more miserable than it might otherwise be, having your pick of moving companies can make up for that. It’ll be much easier to book movers in the winter, and you might just be able to negotiate a better deal, too, because they aren’t booked solid.

Buying a home during the winter might sound like a bad idea on the surface, but it can actually be a great way to get a better deal on your dream house.*

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