The ‘Worst House in Australia’ Will be Auctioned off

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This little house on a little slice of land—5,000 square feet to be exact—is attracting more attention than anyone may have guessed. Described by its listing agent as a worst-house-on-the-best-street scenario, the home provides a unique opportunity to Brisbane residents.

Australia has strict laws regarding the demolition of old homes and makes it difficult for residents to secure the proper ordinances to do so. Considering the extremely decrepit state of this property, however, residents are sure the property will meet the strict standards.

The three-bedroom, one-bathroom home has been unoccupied for nine years–an obvious factor in its unfortunate state. Australia is experiencing the “largest housing bubble on record,” and this home’s ideal location—just one-and-a-half miles from Brisbane’s central business district—is sure to go quickly when it hits the auction block on August 22, despite being considered "the worst house in Australia."

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Homes

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